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Innovative Care

Kaiser Permanente was the first civilian hospital in the state to treat asthma with Bronchial Thermoplasty. This recently-FDA-approved procedure applies mild heat inside the airways to reduce excessive smooth muscle. The reduction in muscle tissue helps minimize airway constriction and improves lung function for those with severe and persistent asthma.

Saving lives

When Hawaii surfing champion Jeannie Chesser faced a sobering diagnosis, she persevered. Hear her story on how she put her trust in Kaiser Permanente to help her thrive.

Connect with kp.org

With My Health Manager on kp.org, you can take charge of your health securely online - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This powerful tool allows you to email your doctor, schedule or cancel appointments, view most lab test results, and refill prescriptions, all from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Even if you are not a member, kp.org provides valuable health and wellness information, with practical tools and tips to keep you healthy. Learn more about women's and men's health, weight management, quitting smoking, emotional wellness, and nutrition and recipes anytime, all at your fingertips.

Senior health

Whether you’re a new member or have been with us for awhile, we’ll help you find the care and services that are best for your needs and priorities, at any stage of life.

Access a full range of senior health resources at kp.org/seniorhealth

Convenient locations

Our doctors, nurses, and specialists collaborate through one of the most advanced electronic health records systems in the world with a single purpose: to provide top-notch care for you. When you need them, your health care team is available at convenient locations throughout the islands or through phone, email, and mobile applications. We are your team for personalized care.

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Getting advice and care after hours

If you have medical concerns when your clinic is closed, we have registered nurses available by phone to provide medical advice to you.

After our facilities are closed, you can get extended, non‑emergency, non‑routine care that can’t wait until the next day. The cost of an after‑hours visit is the same as a routine doctor’s appointment.