At Kaiser Permanente, we make it our mission to find top-notch medical professionals to join our team, because we’re committed to providing you with high-quality care.

We’re proud to announce that 223 of our doctors have been recognized as Castle Connolly Top Doctors and Rising Stars in 2023.* They’re among more than 700 world-class Kaiser Permanente Hawaii physicians and clinicians, working together to support the total health of your family.


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Addiction Medicine
Daniel A. Moreno, MD

Allergy and Immunology
Matthew S. Lau, MD
Megan S. Motosue, MD

Jay Tokeshi, MD
David Y. Ueunten, MD

Stephen K. Chan, MD
Debleena P. Dutt, MD
Ali Z. Merchant, MD
Kimble Poon, MD
Samuel Wang, MD

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Gina R. Kellner, MD
Tina R. Melendrez-Chu, MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery
Jonathan P. Kuehne, MD
Rebecca S. Sawai, MD

Theresa S. Devere, MD
Timothy H. Hagino, MD
Parwathi V. Paniker, MD
Allyson A.
Spence-Shishido, MD

Jason W. Suszko, MD
Rodd H. Takiguchi, MD
Annie R. Wang, MD
Deborah J. Yang, MD

Diagnostic Radiology
Jason C. Merchant, MD
Lex A. Mitchell, MD
Lee E. Miyasato, MD
Kristen T. Nagata, MD
Jayme M. Takahashi, MD
Kristi M. Takaki, MD
Peter H. Takeyama, MD

Emergency Medicine
Orn-Usa Boonprakong, MD
James S. Ford, MD
David T. Fujiwara, MD
Timothy S. Honderick, DO
Jay T. Ishida, MD
Jonathan B. Redenbaugh, DO
Laura A. Russell, MD
Kelly K. Tam Sing, MD

Endocrinology and Metabolism
Jennifer A. Loh, MD
Emily M. Yap, MD

Family Medicine
Sharita B.A. Abbott, MD
Janine Y. Among, MD
Vincent E. Au, MD
David D. Bell, MD
Melissa S. Gosland, MD
Mii A. Hawkins, MD
Amanda Ho, MD
Kathy Kanja, MD
Kapua K. Medeiros, MD
Jessica A. Ono, MD
Kimmie S. Ouchi, MD
Yogi R. Patel, MD
Marie E. Pescador, MD
Sharyl N. T. Shultz, MD
Masaki Takai, MD
Nina G. Thalody, MD
John K. Timtim, MD
Gary G. Yap, MD
Christopher T. Young, MD

Michelle X. Delneo, MD
Daryl T. Fujiwara, MD
Kenneth S. Hong, MD
Matthew M. Tsushima, MD
Aaron L. Woofter, MD

Geriatric Medicine
Christina L. Bell, MD
Stephenie R. Fleegle, MD
Serena H. Y. Lo, MD

Gynecologic Oncology
Thanasak Sueblinvong, MD

Hand Surgery
Robert D. Shin, MD

Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Johnnie A. Yates, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jolene M. Bachman, MD
Reina M.A. Harris, MD
Sara C. Harris, MD
Karin M. Hayashida, MD
Eric C. Helms, MD
Jingwen Hou, MD
Diana T. Kumar, MD
Melissa J. Lawrence, MD
Martin E. Newman, MD
Eileen M.
Ogasawara-Chun, MD

Alexandra J. Sueda, MD
Teresa M. Walsh, MD
Angel M. Willey, MD
Cyril A. Dalmon, MD
Dean E. Hu, MD
Michael S. Ibarra, MD
Anne R. Kao, MD
Alexander D. Lin, MD
Christopher T. Lum, MD
Julie K. Nishimura, MD
Brett L. Shapiro, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Kanu M. Okike, MD
Mark D. Santi, MD
Eugene A. Toney, MD
David A. Vasconcellos, MD
Kimberley M.I. Wirsing, MD
Jae H. Lim, MD
S.R. Newman, MD

Pain Medicine
John A. Sheehan, MD

Michael D. Black, MD
Stacey A. Honda, MD
Tové V. Isaacson, MD
Brock J. K. Kaya, MD
Jodi M. Matsuura Eaves, MD
Rishi A. Patel, DO

Pediatric Anesthesiology
Alan Y. J. Ahana, MD

Pediatric Cardiology
Colin Petko, MD
Christopher B.
Stefanelli, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology
Melanie L. Shim, MD

Pediatric Rheumatology
Caroline Y. Chang, MD

David M. Bacchus, MD
Karen T. Barretto, MD
Valerie L. Besenbruch, MD
Michael S. L. Ching, MD
Cindy C. Collo, MD
Joy A. Dalmon, MD
Karolina W. Dembinski, DO
Andrew R. Fong, MD
Kea D. B. Gilbert, MD
R. Michael Hamilton, MD
Robyn Y. Hasegawa, MD
Laura K. Hassen, MD
Felicitas B. Livaudais, MD
Brent H. Matsumoto, MD
Monica K. Mau, MD
Jennie Montijo, DO
Kathleen A. Morimoto, MD
Erin A. Nakano, MD
Martin L. Piette, MD
Holly Romero, MD
Stacie A. Shibao, MD
Patrice M. L. Tim Sing, MD
Jodie S. Toward, MD
Anne B. Tran, MD
Doreen L. Ueoka, MD
Cindy V.L. Wong, MD
Aimee I. Yeap, MD
James C. Yee, MD


*This list is excerpted from the Castle Connolly Top Doctors database. For more information, visit castleconnolly.com.

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